What to expect

Tangles is an online boutique for the best-quality knitwear. We specialize in creating unique wool and mohair items. All of our products are 100% hand-made and we offer an impressive variety of patterns, colours, and fits. You can easily find the piece to complement your looks and match your style. We believe that our customers are special, so we also give them the unique opportunity to place custom orders. We always do our best to deliver the highest-quality products. Tangles reconciles design and comfort, resulting in gorgeous knitwear items to match your personality and keep you cosy.


Starting with sweaters, our mohair masterpieces are wonderfully special, due to the high versatility of the thread. Mohair is a luxurious material that allows for endless shapes and fits, and can be dyed in practically any colour. In terms of comfort, mohair sweaters do not cause sweating and they can be extremely lightweight. Alternatively, you can take a look at our wool sweaters, which bear a distinct air of natural elegance. You will easily find perfect pieces for a day at the office or a leisurely stroll.

Coats and cardigans

You can choose from a wide variety of wool and mohair cardigans and coats. Mohair’s versatility allows for interesting shapes, which is very important in the case of cardigans’ elaborate designs. Vintage fans are welcome to check out our interpretations of this style and find the perfect items to add to their wardrobe. You can also browse our wool cardigans, which are especially cosy and chunky.


The dress is one of the best items to emphasise your femininity. Good news is dresses are no longer restricted to the warm seasons. Introduce the knit dresses into your winter wardrobe now by taking a look at the great variety of shapes and finishes we offer. You can opt for a sleek finish for a chick addition to your office look or a fuzzy oversized item to snug into for a perpetual feeling of peace and comfort. Neckline, sleeves, and patterns can vary to match your personal preferences.

Mohair summer wear

Mohair also makes the perfect material of summer items. Due to its hollow thread, it does not conduct heat, which means the body would never overheat or sweat. Here, loose fits are a must and, combined with a see-through pattern, they are a remarkably smart take on the classic boho look. Bold colours and shapes are the only rule. Browse shorts, beach dresses, and short-sleeved tops to upgrade your summer style to the latest trends in summer wear.

Custom orders

You have a unique style that we love and cherish. So, we are glad to give you the opportunity to design your own knitwear items. Use the custom order form to place an order for a unique piece, which matches your personality. We will always do our best to meet all your requirements and create the perfect piece of clothing. You can play with colours, shapes, and patterns and come up with endless designs, which we will be more than happy to make and deliver to you.

Mohair’s cosiness and warmth make it the go-to material for winter accessories. Here, at Tangles, you can find a variety of charming, 100% hand-knit items to fluff up your winter style. Mohair accessories and legwear are extremely lightweight to ensure comfort. Colours and patterns can differ to meet all your requirements and measurements.


Mohair hats designs are extremely diverse, due to the elasticity and versatility of the material. The colour patterns and combinations which we offer are practically endless, and you can choose to match any shape with any shade you like. Mohair’s thread structure takes dying remarkably well and this allows for colour experimenting and bold ideas. This is your chance to spice up the winter season and add a drop of sunshine in the drab days with a cute hand-knit hat.


This is the item, which can transform basically any outfit and adapt it to your current mood. Oversized scarves are an absolute must for chilly winter days and nights because of their welcoming and snugly charm. Pick a model you like, adjust the colours and the finish, and share your ideas with us. We would be more than happy to help you gear up for winter and ensure the fluffy comfort you deserve.

Wraps and shrugs

In fairytales, all fairies wear shrugs. Why don’t you too? It’s chick, it’s smart, and it allows you take out that thinner dress and make a warmer set to wear in the dead of winter. It also has that vintage air that we are all trying to tune in to. You do deserve a pinch of whimsy in the daily hustle to sparkle a sense of importance and enhance your personal style. Pick a design you like and we will transform it into an elegant accessory you will surely reach to more often than you might expect.

Knitted leggings and pants

Here’s to the comfort of your own home and the unmatchable luxury of a cosy weekend afternoon with a cup of tea. Now let’s make it even better with a pair of hand-knitted mohair leggings to keep you warm. We, at Tangles, believe in home-made happiness. And we believe that hand-crafted items are so special because of the precious care another person has invested in their creation. So, our hand-knitted leg warmers and fuzzy pants will not only keep the cold away but they will make you feel loved and cherished because they are extraordinary. Just like you.

Custom orders

The members of the Tangles team are excited to welcome any custom orders for handmade accessories. We will be more than happy to meet your criteria and provide customer assistance in the choice of design. Accessories are the best way to express your fascinating personality and we cannot wait to see what you have in mind. Your ideas are unique and special, and we readily cater to all stylistic whims.