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Knitted winter accessories

Accessories are hands down the easiest way to express your sparkling individuality. And winter is our favourite season because we can help you add a number of fuzzy items to your everyday style. Hats, scarves, shrugs, and wraps, mohair or wool, they are all here to diversify your wardrobe. Moreover, Tangles’ accessories can upgrade any outfit by adding a dab of colour and a sense of luxury. Hand-knitted mohair accessories have an array of advantages. Starting with the versatility of the yarn, there is a veritable flurry of designs. Basically, you can have any pattern, colour or size. Anything to make you feel more you.

Her Majesty the Mohair Hat

The hat is a very special accessory. In winter days, there are very few items, which remain visible, apart from a coat. Given that it is on direct eye level, the hat is a point of focus. Therefore, we must choose wisely. A single-colour mohair hat is always a good idea when you are going for a streamlined and stylish look. On the other hand, bold colours create a youthful air, which can easily freshen up any drab day. The mohair hat is a winter crown to wear proudly for its royally luxurious feel.

Check out Tangles’ handmade accessories and take your pick:

A hand-made shrug for the contemporary princess

It is a universally recognised truth that every princess should possess a shrug. And princesses are allowed to decide whatever they want to wear to the tiniest detail. So, here, at Tangles, we are ready to assist you in the creation of the perfect princess accessory. In terms of shrugs, you can choose the length and size. Bear in mind that a shorter model accentuates the waistline. Of course, you can also play with sleeve types, neck, and most importantly – fastening. Buttons are the classic for knitted items. An elegant pin is a valid option, which also adds a luxurious sense. Zippers provide a more contemporary feel. But you can also go bolder and pick an item tied in the front. Ribbons are always welcome.

Handmade scarves and mufflers

The scarf is one of the most commonly worn accessories in wintertime. So, this is a great opportunity to stay warm and cosy on the one hand, and get a statement item on the other. Scarves come in any shape, pattern, and colour. That makes it quite difficult to choose. We strongly believe that we are all entitled to get one in every colour we like. After all, a scarf instantly transforms the entire outfit. So, the more scarves you have, the less you need to worry about repeating your workday outfits at the office. And since all our products are 100% handmade, we can create basically anything. Long scarves with sleek finishing worn loose elongate the silhouette and create an elegant look. Huge fluffy infinity scarves go great with tight-fitting jackets for a fresh urban style. You can even choose an irregular shape and go for an extravagantly feminine appearance.

Custom-made accessories

We know it wouldn’t be enough to give you a limited set of accessories designs. So, instead, we suggest you told us exactly what you want. We can create any pattern in a colour of your choice. You can add pom-poms, tassels, or gems, or remove them altogether for a sleeker look. We use the highest-quality mohair and wool yarns to make sure you always get the very best. So, don’t hesitate to use the custom order form now to let us know what you’d like us to create specially for you.