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Mohair is a very special material for winter garments. It is extremely warm and cosy, which is the primary feature of our cold-days favourites. Mohair garments are also wonderfully comfortable. The fibre adapts to your body temperature and does not cause sweating. But its structure has another impressive quality: it bears all kinds of processing remarkably well. This means anything you can imagine, you can get it in mohair. Here, no colour or fit is impossible. This is especially important in the production of cardigans. Their patterns are much more intricate than other pieces of clothing. So, mohair coats and cardigans can be just what you want them to be. And this is just the beginning. Mohair has so much more to offer than standard yarn.

High-quality coats and cardigans

Tangles’ items are of the finest quality. All cardigans are hand-knitted and we pay special attention to every detail. Producing cardigans is a creative challenge. We accept it because we trust the top quality of the mohair yarn we use. Its fibre is amazingly versatile and allows for both fuzzy and sleek finishing. Any pattern, stitch, or fit you imagine, we can deliver. We believe that luxury means making you feel special. So, browse our mohair coats and cardigans for inspiration. Pick the ones that fit your style best. Let us know what we can do to accommodate your fashion needs.

Mohair cardigans for women

We know that when it comes to clothing, you have a myriad of requirements. And we respect that because it means you have a distinctive personal style. It shows you know just how special you are. Fortunately, mohair cardigans can give you the stylistic independence to complete your look with a statement piece. You can opt for an elegant long cardigan to flatter your silhouette. Or you might prefer a chunky piece to snuggle into. As you can see, colours can be as playful as design.

Mohair cardigans for men

In terms of design, men can benefit from mohair’s versatility just as much as women. A mohair cardigan adds a sense of effortless luxury to any shirt. Wear it on top of a t-shirt and your casual outfit is instantly redeemed. Alternatively, you can match it with a pair of chinos and even a bowtie for a charmingly nerdy look. In any case, a cardigan is capable of smoothing out any stylistic irregularities. This results in a balanced and sophisticated look. We can make it flattering to any silhouette because of mohair’s natural elasticity and density. Eventually, it all boils down to your personal style and preferences. An office meeting or drinks with friends, you can never go wrong with a mohair cardigan.

The sweater cardigan

We share your morning struggle in spring and autumn. You’re picking an outfit and have no clue how warm the day is going to be. Is winter gone yet or do you still need a sweater? How about an easy solution: the mohair cardigan. You can use it as a sweater as it has a zipper or it can be buttoned up. You can easily take it off without crumpling your blouse underneath. Or, you can wear it open in the front to reconcile the seasons. In this case, you also get to combine it with a cute t-shirt and create an entirely new outfit.

Vintage mohair coats

Vintage looks are essentially feminine because they manage to emphasise a lady’s most flattering features. And the item that is invariably present in any vintage outfit is the coat. Loose patterns and modest colours are welcome, but a fine, luxurious fabric remains a must. Do not forget that the correct way to savour vintage fashion is by interpreting its features to adapt them to your personal style. Check out our take on vintage coats, starting with this oversized monochrome item.