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The knitted dress

The knitted dress is a must-have item for a number of reasons. First, it is the smartest way to keep your glam, while staying warm and cosy in the coldest winter days. But then it is also extremely flattering. Knitted dresses fit smoothly and they can hardly ever cling. Choosing the correct size is also a piece of cake. Knitted items have great elasticity, which means you don’t have to worry about minute measurement details.

In terms of accessorisation, knitted dresses are here to make your life easier. You can go for a monochrome item and match it with a large statement necklace. Or you can pick a multicolour dress and skip jewellery altogether for a more natural look. Also, let’s be honest, they save quite a lot of time trying to match an outfit in the morning. Just put on some leggings and enjoy the pleasures of a wardrobe-hustle-free morning.

Mohair dress

The mohair dress is the queen of the winter wardrobe. It is our absolute favourite item and we’d like to save it for special days. Yet, we adore it so much we just can’t get enough of it and we want to wear it every single day. Fortunately, Tangles offers a wide variety of mohair dresses you can choose from. Nordic patterns are a classic style that you can never go wrong with. But there are also breathtaking elegant items for a fancy dinner in the city. And even asymmetrical pieces for a playful take on a familiar narrative.

Mohair is an extremely stretchy material. This means you never have to worry about your dress not fitting properly. Also, there would be no clinging or uncomfortably tight fits. What is more, mohair always flatters your silhouette because its fuzzy finishing smooths out the lines. It’s also a crease-free textile, so it requires no ironing. This makes it perfect for travelling because mohair items won’t crumple or lose their shape in your luggage. Even better, it’s a very comfortable material, which will keep you just as warm as you need during your travels.

Wool dress

Tangle’s wool dresses are an entirely different story. They easily bring out the charm of contemporary femininity. Brighten up your weekend stroll with a fluffy pink wool dress. Or take your office game to the next level with a stylish sleeveless piece. Don’t forget that mohair and wool team up great and provide even more exciting stylistic opportunities.

Wool dresses are easy to style and combine to create remarkable outfits for various occasions. You can wear them with a shirt underneath to make them even warmer and, of course, to add a touch of office charm. They pair well with cosy leggings or even jeggings. First, because wool items are warm enough, and second, because you would also want to avoid pocket lines. In other words, this is your chance to try a streamlined look that is astonishing in its simplicity.

Hand-made dresses for special people

All of Tangles’ items are 100% hand-knit. We carefully choose the best-quality materials for a luxurious feel that reminds you how special you are. The dresses you can find on this website are made by the skilful hands of Tangles’ gifted team. We cherish each item as we cherish each customer because hand-knitted means unique. Wearing our creations adds a special kind of elation to your moments because they are all designed and brought to life to be appreciated. And indeed, it takes a unique person to appreciate each of them.