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The time has finally come to talk about the comfort of your own home. Picture this: it’s the end of the longest work day, and you have made it home at last. It has been a roller coaster of events, people, and tasks that you couldn’t wait to get off. You’re a hero and you deserve a heroically large cup of tea (a glass of wine is definitely an option) and a friendly hug. So, how about a warm and cosy hug to soothe you and make you feel at ease? A mohair hug from head to toe. Yes, that’s right. Let us help you brush away the feeling of the stifling suit or tight-fitting jeans. Tangles’ super comfortable leggings and pants will instantly take away the stress and help you unwind.

Knitted pants – it is all about you

Now lower the shades and raise your expectations because our knitted leggings and pants are a game-changer. Mohair follows the shape of your body and adapts to your own temperature. Thus, in no time, you’ll be floating on a cloud of nonchalance. It’s not just about what feels good. It’s about what you personally need to feel as good as possible in the comfort of your own home. And we at Tangles are once again ready to deliver.

Knitted shorts

It is safe to view these items as collectables. First, they are an ingenious variation of the mesh trend. Anyone can go for see-through tulle skirts and add up to the contemporary fashion drifts. Yet, it takes a fashion trailblazer to reinvent a trend and take it to the next level. The bravery of introducing knitted items in warmer seasons and climates means you know your way about fabrics. And indeed, mohair shorts won’t let you down because they will actually keep the correct body temperature all the time. The net-like fabric structure allows for breeziness and lightness that textile fabrics simply cannot provide. Moreover, mohair makes for remarkable cable-knitted patterns, which cannot be achieved with any other yarn. Finally, we also have wool shorts. They give a unique sense of rustic chic, perfect for a weekend in the open or a tour of the countryside. We know you’d like to keep up with your own style wherever you are. This means you’re constantly on the lookout for items you can express your personality through. This is your chance to stand out and demonstrate your unique fashion approach outside the office as well.

Mohair tights and leggings

Now this is something you buy for your own comfort and pleasure. Mohair tights are extremely warm and fuzzy. They are the very definition of Instagrammable homewear, only they are actually comfortable and wearable. Mohair leggings are remarkably and unforgettably comfortable as well. They are another reason for you to hurry back home after work and bury yourself in a pool of cosy warmth. This is loungewear taken to the next level. They would not stretch or alter their shape. They are so comfy you might even be tempted to leave the house in them. And that’s fine too because we have a solution...

Knitted leg warmers

That is the way to bring the comfort of your home to your winter outdoor activities. Leg warmers just what they sound like: super warm. You can top your jeans or complete a short dress outfit with them. They are cute and chunky, and they make you feel like you’re in a bubble of fuzz. You can go for a soft wool pair to wear above thinner tights. But there are also pure wool items to add a touch of charming extravagance to your day.

Hand-made knitted legwear

All of Tangles’ products are 100% hand-knitted. So, each item is unique in order to match your own special and unique personality. Knitted legwear products are wonderfully cosy and warm. They fit perfectly, not too tight, but not loose either. We use the best-quality yarn as well, so you can be sure your items won’t stretch or lose their shape. The fabric does not mat and the colours won’t run. You will enjoy your favourites for as long as you have them. Don’t forget that we also cater to custom orders and we can execute any design, pattern, and shape just as you like it.