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Knitted summer dress

The dress is a gorgeously feminine item. We are sure we can find quite a few dresses in your wardrobe. However, we suggest you levelled up with our fresh take on the classic dress. So, meet the knitted summer dress. Try it once and you’ll see that your summer wardrobe has been incomplete without it. What makes the knitted beach dress so special is the loose stitching. It is breezy and light, which makes it perfect for a stroll along the beach. Also, the see-through material allows you to sport your favourite bathing suit and your favourite dress at the same time. Knitted summer wear is so much more than standard summer clothing.

Knitted summer top

If you are looking for more versatility, check out the knitted summer top. The V-back top will keep all eyes on you, emphasizing a romantic silhouette to match the beach vibes. Moreover, hot summer evenings will never be the same with the loose-knit summer top. It keeps you just as warm as you need against the evening breeze. Also, it gently accentuates the shoulders in the charming shoulder-peek trend.

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Summer sweater

Mohair summer sweater

Sweaters can easily find a prominent place in your summer wardrobe. First, there are the cool summer nights. Although we tend to associate summer with hot days and tan, truth is temperatures can drop significantly in the evening. And we all know summer is meant to be experienced after dark. Go for a mohair summer sweater to in a bright colour for trendy and cosy summer nights. The sweater dress is also a viable option for summer. Pick an asymmetrical item in a modest colour to offset the cut. Combine it with a pair of spandex leggings and you get a perfect outfit for leisurely activities outside. Finally, there’s the classic lace mohair sweater. Match it with a delicate top underneath and take the see-through trend to a new level. As we’ve mentioned earlier, bold and festive colours are always welcome.

Short sleeve sweater

Short-sleeved sweaters are a great way to keep just as warm as you need during summer. Choose a soft cotton item with a loose pattern. You will feel the breeze on your arms but stay warm and enjoy brisk summer evening air. Knitted crop tops are also an excellent choice. You can wear them over a shirt for a summer in the city. Remember that the batwing sleeves add a fancy chic touch to any outfit. Now, if you really want to steal the show, go for a knitted tank top. The cotton fibre, combined with the loose and airy stitching will keep you cool and prevent sweating. Furthermore, such an item is fascinatingly rare. Thus, you simply cannot go unnoticed wearing this piece.

Knitted shorts for summer

Knitted shorts are next-level charming. The soft cotton yarn shorts will keep you unbelievably comfortable. More importantly, the fit is adaptable to the shape of your body. So, you won’t need to worry about any imperfections. Quite the contrary, the cotton shorts will emphasize your legs, making them look even slimmer. Yet, you can have this item in a material of your own choosing. Mohair shorts are also a great option. Their elasticity and the fuzzy finishing will hide any imperfections by smoothing out the shape of your hips. You can also get them in white or any other colour that you prefer.