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Is it that time of the year again? Yes, yes it is. And by ‘that’ we mean it is time you found a stylish and fluffy sweater to glam your way through the cold days. Our best suggestion are handmade mohair sweaters to fluff up your winter wardrobe. Seldom would a single item provide such an effortless combination of warmth and elegance. The secret lies in the lightweight mohair fibre, which keeps you warm and cosy and yet allows for charming designs in both shape and colour.

Special items

Once you experience the lightweight cosiness of our mohair sweaters, you can never go back. These fluffy charmers will cuddle you throughout the coldest winter days to preserve both your warmth and style. Fluffy, chunky, oversized, our sweaters will ultimately spearhead your fight for wintry chic.

The mohair sweater is a special garment for special people, so here’s what you need to know about it:

How warm is it?

We’ll keep it very short on this one. Mohair comes from angora goats’ fleece. It is so warm it feels like a cuddle in the freezing winter days. It has remarkable insulating properties, which make it 8 times as warm as wool. It’s the ultimate weapon against drab and dreary days for it easily adds a generous splash of sunlight to remind you of the precious summer vibes.

What about comfortable?

As warm as mohair is, it is also lightweight and gentle on the skin. Forget about lead-heavy or prickly sweaters to get you through the cold. Wearing mohair feels like floating on a fleecy cloud and its hollow fibres add feathery volume. It is extremely smooth and soft, so your sensitive skin will instantly fall in love with it. Moreover, it doesn’t conduct heat, which means it won’t cause overheating or sweating. In other words, mohair adapts to you and keeps you just as warm as your body needs.

How do you take care of it?

Mohair is colourfast, which means its colour will not fade, run or alter with washing. It absorbs dye remarkably well and thus you can pick from a large variety of brightly coloured sweaters. Pink, blue or multicolour, choose it once and it will not change. Mohair is exceptionally durable and even non-flammable, which makes it virtually impossible to damage your favourite sweater. It does not felt, mat or shrink, so it is very easy to take proper care of it. And the best part? It is crease-free, so you can simply slip it on and save some valuable time in the morning.

Let’s talk design.

Let us face it: warmth is a primary concern in winter but it is definitely not the only one. So, we are always on the look for trendy picks to keep our glam on. Fortunately, mohair is where winter meets fine style. Due to the smooth fibre surface, mohair has a very distinctive sheen, which makes colours even more vivid and saturated. In terms of shape and style, mohair makes the best oversized sweaters for their volume comes from fluff and not weight. Go for a fuzzy item to sprinkle some winter charm on your daily routine. Or keep a sleeker profile for a more sophisticated look. Mohair is extremely elastic and versatile, which allows for asymmetrical lines and a great variety of fits and forms to match your personal style.