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Wool sweaters are the go-to piece of clothing when you’re looking for a way to make an ordinary day feel special. They’re like old friends that you can always reach out to. They are wise, warm, and ready to comfort you in time of need. Our sweaters are the hand-crafted fashion genies. They promise to guide you through a tough day and make sure you rock the office hustle.

The heavy wool sweater

We know it has never been just about the looks. You need a more tangible sense of style to complement your personality. And you’re constantly on the look for a piece that easily inspires confidence, especially before a meeting. The right wool item is your key partner in those crucial moments. Our heavy wool sweaters are specially designed to give you the confidence push to skyrocket your week in the office.

Check out our picks to add a little extra something your weekday fashion routine can clearly benefit from.

Women’s sweater as a statement item

Elegantly trendy, our wool sweaters help you stand out by emphasising your personal style. They do that by steering clear of two mainstream trends in office attire and yet combining the best features of both. Let’s take a closer look:

First, there’s the pretentious air of strict business attire, even when there’s no official dress code for the office. You’d like to be taken seriously but suits just don’t fit your style. So, you need to create a sense of quiet luxury and earnestness. To achieve this, you need to think beyond design. Think material. Choosing a precious wool sweater, say, alpaca, strikes out any hint of garish pretentiousness and shows that you know what luxury is really about.

On the other hand, if the office dress code is casual, you risk the slippery slope of getting sloppy about your style. Welcome our sweaters in your office gear and see that casual does not have to equal boring anymore. An asymmetrical item in a bold colour ensures your standing out in the mass of fashion uniformity. Or, we could go even further and try a dress. Effortlessly elegant, it nails the trendy chic that best suits your office style.

The oversized wool sweater

Our sweaters are not merely huge. They are the very definition of oversized. We all have those days when we need to be comforted and pampered. We don’t even try to fight the barrage of workload stress. Instead, we’d just like to hide from it. Now imagine being able to crawl in an igloo of warmth, where it’s all about you and your peace of mind. This is when our chunky sweater comes in. It provides a shell of certainty that you deserve the comfort of your personal space and that issues will eventually figure out on their own. Match it with a pair of leg warmers and you have full armour against stress and worries.

Men’s sweaters

Once you’ve tried our wool sweaters, you’d definitely want to spread the joy and share their warmth. Fortunately, we also have models for men. Not only are they warm and cosy but they also fit perfectly and complement a mature casual style. In the case of couples, this goes far beyond wearing matching sweaters: it’s matching your styles. It is not about going for the same colour or pattern; it’s about the feeling of finding the counterpart of your unique personal style. This brings us to the final point:

Custom sweaters

Here comes the best part. All of our wool sweaters can be knit to meet your requirements to the smallest detail. Colour, fit, size, and pattern can be changed to accommodate your preferences. We realise you have a unique style and we work hard to deliver exactly what you need in order to express your personality. From colourful Icelandic sweaters to sleek wool dresses in any size, we’re here to listen to your preferences and indulge any whim. So, start by taking a look at our suggestions and let us know what we can add to make it perfect for you.